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Malabo Srl was founded by Marco RA Bozzetti in 2001, after he left the ENI Group as CIO (see his curriculum vitae by clicking here), Before being appointed as CIO of the entire ENI Group worldwide, Bozzetti had several experiences over the years as a Partner and/or Founder of various companies in the ICT and consultancy sectors, and among these the largest, in size and importance, were Gruppo CA Associate Consultants, Ibimaint System Engineers, which were all implemented according to "traditional" logic, with offices and employees. With Malabo Srl, thanks to the acquired large experience , a "networked" company comes true, involving professionals and companies specialized in very vertical sectors, from digital security to training, from cloud providers to software developers and system integrators , from specialists in vertical IT applications to procurement, from organization specialists to those for the drafting and management of contracts, from innovative suppliers of IAM systems to those of biometric identifications, from lawyers specilized in  forensic computers to experts in certifications.

The first activities of Malabo were carried out with GEA Management Consultants and with GeaLab towards some of their customers, and others acquired by Bozzetti himself, for the improvement-rationalization of their IT systems and their digital security. Malabo was then commissioned by Gea to create a dotcom, called ClickICT Srl, in partnership with Banca Popolare di Bergamo and its (then) marketplace Coralis. Click ICT was called to provide ICT consultancy services for SMEs (but not only), especially for those who were already customers of the bank and joined Coralis. Following the closure of ClickICT, Malabo started operating partly with GEA and partly autonomously, despite not having any structure dedicated to the marketing and marketing of consultancy. The network structure, albeit with some difficulties and in a discontinuous way, brought customers, and some of these initially contacted directly the senior and authoritative professionals working with Malabo.

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