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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) pervade every field of activity and induce rapid and continuous changes in social and professional life. ICT is the enabling factor for all the activities and processes of organizations and it facilitates the diversification and innovation of the business: this requires a real, effective and efficient digitalization of the company in order to survive in the current context of growing internationalization and competitiveness worldwide, especially via Internet.

The digital transformation has strong impacts on organizations, on the skills of those who work, on existing processes and activities. Numerous companies / entities, especially small-medium sized ones, may encounter difficulties in facing this transformation starting from the definition of strategies to make the most of ICT potential - due to their reality - as well as in the operational implementation of what has been decided.

Aware of these problems, Malabo proposes itself as the specilized, updated, reliable and authoritative partner to help companies and to support them in their digitalization. Thanks to the skills and more than thirty years of experience of its professionals, Malabo is able to provide advices and solutions on ICT, with a global approach, contextualized on the reality of the customer and of its business: from ICT architectures to competences and ICT organizational structures, from hardware and software solutions to networks and to cybersecurity.


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Main Objectives

Provide the Customer with:

  • the knowledge of the ICT trends that may affect the Customers' reality, highlighting their potential impact on processes / activities, organization, business, future strategies
  • the skills and experience to contextualize and adapt possible ICT solutions to the Customers' reality
  • advisoring the top decision-makers, speaking their language, helping them to provide commensurate commitment and decisions
  • a real and measurable value created by the adoption of the proposed solutions


  • companies and operators of ICT supply and demand
  • entrepreneurs and top decision makers
  • managers and responsables of IT system (CIO), of digital security (CISO), of privacy (DPO), of networks and of  various application environments

Actions and services

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How we operate

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Customer Benefit

  • to be able to have up-to-date directional and technical consultancy that provides targeted solutions that bring value
  • high professional value consultancy, with the interdisciplinary involvement of specialists with different but complemetary skills
  • punctual, specific, personalized interventions, strongly related to the business of the Customer
  • technical, organizational and legal knowledge transfer
  • the usage of flexible IT tools and collaborative platforms via Internet
  • competitive prices



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