Our values

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Honesty and Transparency

  • Trust, respect and clarity are the basis of the relationship with our Customers
  •  We are able to say no when we believe that our Customers' requests are not feasible and do not bring real value to their business
  •  We believe that the correct sizing of our projects is always the best way to combine the success of our business and that of our Customers
  •  We like to say things as we see them openly, and our evaluations are truthful, fact based and written
  •  We prefer to give up an assignment if we believe we can not operate correctly and at our levels of excellence.

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Great commitment and passion

  • For every Client and in every project, we work with passion to guarantee the highest quality for the services and the solutions proposed
  • This quality derives from the great past experience and continuous updating, thanks also to a true passion for ICT and innovation that has lasted for decades
  • Our Customers must always be able to measure our commitment and our work through the results obtained


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Reputation and credibility

  • Confrontation and listening are key components in our relationship with the Customer
  • Malabo does not aim to sell third party products, but to provide the most suitable solutions to the specific reality of the Customer
  • The reputation of each individual professionals is the basis of Malabo's reputation
  • In its interventions, Malabo transfers his knowledge to the Client, and helps him in the eventual use of the supporting informatics tools
  • Autonomy and decision-making transparency, the wide and consolidated experience on the field of all the Partners, the pragmatic approach to the effective solution for the Client, contribute to the growth and consolidation of the authoritativeness of the Malabo's interventions.


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