Malabo consulting

Malabo Srl operates in management consulting (advisory) in the ICT, Information and Communication Technology, sector, totally independent from hardware, software, telecommunications and service providers, which operates mainly:


a) on the ICT demand side, Malabo helps the Company or the Public Institution in the most effective and efficient use of ICT internally to create value, both on the Information System Organizational Unit (UOSI) side and in the processes and / or products. Typical interventions include:
- ICT governance, both strategic and tactical and operational, which in turn includes many of the following themes;
- reorganization of UOSI and its processes, with intelligent and contextualized use of "best practices" and more consolidated standards such as Cobit, ITIL, ISO 20000, etc.
- centralized monitoring and control of ICT and SLA systems, both to internal Departments / LOBs and to outsourced ICT services, typically hosting and cloud;
- internal marketing of UOSI functions and "clearing house" between CIO / UOSI and top management
- analysis of the ICT value
- digital security (ICT)
- ICT architecture (Enterprise Architecture) and its evolution plans (SOA, cloud computing)
- consolidation and rationalization of Data Centers and networking for cost reduction
- consolidation and rationalization of the application architecture, typically ERP consolidation
- regulatory compliance (privacy, safety, Legislative Decree 231, etc.) and impact on UOSI and ICT systems, mainly for companies and medium-low risk entities
- support and supervision (sometimes setting up) specifications and projects, with transfer of know-how and tools (primarily collaborative) for project management

- outsourcing management and best-practice criteria for control and possible certification

- rationalization and reorganization of ICT business processes (BAM, BPM, BPR)
- dematerialization of paper documentation and document management, also thanks to the use of graphometry
- E-business and electronic commerce
- knowledge economy (knowledge management, intangible asset value analysis)
- ICT technological and market evolutionary trends
- innovation for and through ICT

b) on the ICT offer side, Malabo helps the Company to grow and to gain a better foothold in Italian and / or international market: also in this case the objective is to create value.

 Typical interventions include:
- marketing and positioning actions of the company and its products / services
- lean management in software development and ICT projects
- regulatory compliance (privacy, safety, Legislative Decree 231, etc.) and impact on UOSI and ICT systems
- participation as a sub contractor in the setting and / or drafting and / or supervision of large offers, typically in response to specifications, with know-how transfer and tools (primarily collaborative) for project management.

Malabo joins the Company or the Public Institution to help top managers in their choices regarding ICT, to comply with various legal obligations (typically privacy and safety at work), in the evolution and management of information systems , as well as in the innovation of business, processes and products-systems services through ICT.
Malabo Srl has operated and operates with the typical logic of a "network company" in order to have the most authoritative and up-to-date professionalism at minimum costs.

In the various areas listed above, Malabo, with the possible collaboration of senior specialists of its network, carries out:

a) consulting, design and implementation interventions;
b) training courses, training and in-depth studies

c) provides online operational and support services that help.

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