Digital Security

Digital Security, also referred to as ICT Security or Cybersecurity, ICT is a multidisciplinary thema fundamental and essential for the proper functioning of an informatic system of any size and complexity, and to prevent from and to contrast the growing digital vulnerabilities and attacks (and finally also to recovery the systems in the case of attacks and failures).
Diogital security is not only a technical concern, but also and above all organizational, and impacts the entire business and functionality of a company: for example, the reliability and availability of ICT systems to ensure operational continuity.

Malabo with its experts, in particular Bozzetti, Chirivì and Zambon, joins the managers of the Client, company or institution of the Public Administration, from the CEO to the CIO, from the CSO to the CISO, to help them in choosing the most suitable technical and organizational prevention measures, protection and restoration, and in governing them effectively.

For this reason the ICT security must involve and be governed not so much and not only by the technicians, but also by the business and top managers. The "technological gap" and the "digital divide" of many companies is often the result of the lack of competence and / or disinterest of the summit on information technology in general, and therefore also on its security, which many still consider only a "technical problem" , as well as the choice of consultants and suppliers who are not always up to the task and make their interests more than those of the Customer.

On the national and global market, ICT security is one of the few niches that, in these years of crisis for the entire ICT sector, maintained good growth rates in Italy in the crisis. But for ICT security spending to have real value it is necessary that it is not only focused on the purchase of technologies, but also covers organizational aspects, awareness, information and training of personnel.

The competitive advantage of Malabo compared to most of the numerous companies in the sector is given:

    from the updated technological competence on ICT security and more generally on IT systems, integrated and well balanced with organizational and process skills;
     from a planning and realization approach of the suitable technical measures based on the definition of a well balanced digiatal security architecture between the various measures and necessary tools (all the links in the security chain must have the same level of security), and a logic of security by design intrinsic to the entire project and capable of integrating the digital security architecture envisaged in the ICT architecture of the entire IT system of the Customer, so as to also facilitate its management and its governance;

    from identifying and outlining the best solution for the customer, taking into account its reality, starting from its objectives, from the investments already made, from the logic and from the organizational processes in place, from the computer culture and internal digital security.

Malabo Srl has developed, with more than forty years of experience gained by its experts, "good practices" based on established standards and methodologies for efficient and effective interventions that include:
a) verify the adequacy of existing ICT security (as is);
b) effective risk analysis, based mainly, but not only, on the Octave-Allegro methods;
c) technical, organizational and managerial improvement interventions in ICT security level and management, with "intelligent" reference to the NIST SP 800 and ISO 27000 families, to Cobit, ITIL, ISF.

In fable and / or following the consulting intervention, Malabo is able to provide specific services / tools to aid in the implementation of technical and organizational measures for digital security, and for its management.

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