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ICT security is a multidisciplinary issue essential for the correct operation and governance of an informatics system of any size and complexity.

This theme is not only technical, but also organizational, and impacts the entire business and the organization of any company: consider, for example, reliability and availability of ICT systems to ensure business continuity.

For this reason, ICT security must involve and be governed not only by engineers, but also by business managers and by the top management: and this implies a not easy change.

The "technology gap" and the "digital divide" for many companies is often the result of lack of competence and / or  interest by top managers on information technology in general, and therefore also on its security, still considered only a "technical problem".



Malabo Srl has developed, with more than thirty years of experience, several  tools, some of them based on standards and best practices, for providing efficient and effective ICT security solutions, that include:

a) tools for verifying  the adequacy of ICT security in place (as is) for the specific company / organization;

b) tools for fast and effective risk analysis, based primarily on the Octave-Allegro methodology;

c) SLA Watch on line services for monitoring the availability and the performances of ICT resources;

d) tools for verifying the actual technical, organizational and managerial improvement of ICT security, with "smartly" refers to the family of standard ISO 27000, to Cobit , to ITIL 2013 (v3), to ISF.


The competitive advantage of Malabo (compared to other companies in the sector) is given:

1. from technological expertise on ICT security and more generally on informatics systems, integrated with pragmatic competences on the organizational items, skills and processes;

2. from a deep experience and knowledge on all the organizational aspects, on the skills and behavior of the people, on the processes and information flows, on the Italian, European and international laws

3. from identifying the best solution for the customer, taking into account its reality, starting from its objectives, the investments already made, the internal culture.


Among different solutions for improving the level of service of ICT security and at the same time reduce costs, in particular for management of documents with written signatures, a significant  role plays the graphometry (grafometria), a biometric technology; for details click here.


The large experience gained by Bozzetti and Zambon was largely "poured" in the book "Digital Security", published by Soiel International in July 2013. This book is mainly oriented to decision makers, both technical and not, and refers to the technological status of the art in security, to the more consolidated best practices, to ICT processes and organizational solutions for a "good governance" of ICT security, taking into account issues such as outsourcing, cloud, mobility, consumerization / BYOD.


 copernita nl sicurezza digitale


ISBN 978-88-908901-0-9


For the table of content, in Italian, click here and to purchase the book send an email to Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. .

The price is € 80,00 that includes shipping charges.



At the end of 2013 Bozzetti acquired the prestigious professional certification EUCIP European Security Adviser.




In addition to participating in conferences and publication of articles, the most significant public activity of Bozzetti is the annual implementation of the Report OAI, Observatory on Computer Attacks in Italy. For details on OAI click here.

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