AVULlCT, ICT vulnerabilities analysis and management

AVULlCT, ICT Vulnerabilities analysis and management

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ICT vulnerabilities represent the main causes of malfunctions and digital attacks, intentional or otherwise, to an Information System. 

Vulnerabilities for an IS are broken down in three main categories: technical vulnerabilities, staff vulnerabilities (end users and IS priviliged), organization vulnerabilities. 

AVULICT service concerns only software's technical vulnerabilities  installed on Client computer system. Staff and organization vulnerabilities  are examined in ICT Risk Analysis (ICTRA).

 AVULICT offers two service levels: 

The result of technical vulnerabilities's analysis is constituted by a Report which, in order to seriousness, details the technical vulnerabilities detected, their possible causes, the interventions to be taken to eliminate and riduce them, if there were not yet specific patch/fix for that software. This Report  is illustrated and explained to the top management of Client during a meeting.