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The organisation aspects and actual skills of Staff, which takes care of Company/Institution Information System, are essential for its effective and efficient fuctioning.

Most strategic and operation problems regarding IS governance and management of a Company/Institution generally due to inefficiences in organisation and to Staff technical and managerial skills. Many of the skills required often cannot be found in medium and small-sized Company/Institution,in view of the costs in order to fullfil these skills in the ever-changing ICT field. Therefore, it is necessary to outsource these functions and activities, which must be still integrated with e controlled inside by Company/Institution.

Thanks to the contribution of internal and external partners and experience gained in over twenty years, Malabo shall help the Customer:

Furthermore, the organisational aspetcs, skills and roles associated to Company/Instution's Information System, must be refer to requirements resulting from many norms and stanards, both italian and european, above all GDPR Privacy.


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