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What we do and how


Malabo Srl is an "advisory" and "on line services" company in ICT, Information and Communication Technology, that work on both the demand and supply in this field. For ICT demand's customers, the main intervention is to help them concretely in the most effective and efficient use of ICT with the aim of "creating value" for the Company..

This objective also applies to Companies offering ICT and the related interventions range from those mentioned above for their internal ICT to more strategic ones, in order to grow and to better position on the Italian and international markets.

Malabo joins the private or public Company to support the decision makers in choices about ICT, both strategic or operational, thanks to-date and in-depth technical skills that are complemented by consolidate expertise on the processes and the organization of companies. This latter is the most important feature that provides a competitive advantage in Malabo than the competition.

The differentiating factor of the Malabo's approach is to group in team specific and appropriate skills, both technical and organizational, to adopt its well established methodologies and metrics that make systematic reference to international standards and best practices, contextualizing all these issues into the reality and the culture of the customer.
First understand and diagnose the
customer's problem, then find the best solution in the short and medium-long term, on time, on budget and also consistent with the defined strategic plans, the capacities and all the constraints of the customer.

As a result and in cooperation with I&E, Malabo has also a small experimental laboratory based on two dual quad-core Xeon servers with VMWare ESXi and shared storage, on which it is possible to install and test any type of operating system and / or application. The laboratory is equipped with a fiber optic Internet connection at 100 Mbps.

For ICT systems and services in production, Malabo uses high availability cloud solutions.




Who we are


Malabo operates in the field of consultancy and delivery of ICT services by means of an established network of experts "senior" and ultra-specialized companies.

This structure allows to have an agile and flexible organization with all the specific skills and competences needed to perform at the best, on time and on budget, the projects required by the customers, and at the same time to reduce the fixed costs of the Malabo's structure.


The Malabo's key people are:


  • Dr. Eng. Marco R. A. Bozzetti: for the curriculum vitae click here, for the list of pubblications here, and here for the professional certifcations.
  • Lawyer Margherita Laricchiuta
  • Andrea Bozzetti
  • Giuseppe Cesa Bianchi: for the curriculum vitae click here
  • Dr. Francesco Zambon: for the curriculum vitae click here




Areas of expertise


The key areas include (click on the name for details):







On line services




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SLA Watch is a set of "pay per use" services independent and authoritative, which is able to remotely control functionalities and performances of the monitiored ICT resources.  SLA Watch can also compare the monitored levels of service (SLA, Service Level Agreement) with those planned and / or contractually agreed by the Customer and his Suppliers.


SLA  Watch is able to monitor ICT systems and applications both outsourced and internally handled by the Customer (i.e. in-house, on-premise).


The timely and systematic monitoring of the considered SLA indicators is carried out for basic services by SLA Watch by means of its internal tools and logic, and also by broad band Internet connections, so as not to be "intrusive" or in the Customer's systems or in those of the Suppliers.


SLA Watch can be configured and customized according to the indicators to be monitored and the various customer requirements.



To download the brochure in English click here.


To try the service SLA Watch, albeit with limited functionality and operating on the Malabo's ICT systems and on these of its laboratory I & E, access here for the login and enter :

  • user-id:demo
  • password:centreon



The possible actions are limited, but quite spacious and boarders with a view "to console" of the state of the ICT resources  and with a  simple and intuitive navigation.


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